Car Hire

Whilst there are many options for car hire companies, consider what it is you plan to do whilst you are in broome before making your reservation. It may be that you do not require a car for the whole time that you are here perhaps just a few days.

If you are planning on heading out of town to do your own exploring during the day, then we would suggest hiring a 4wd. Some hire car companies will not guarantee insurance coverage if you take your hired vehicle certain places. be sure to clear this point with the company before driving away.

If you plan to utilise the vehicle for getting around town then options are available for cheaper car hire with less kilometer per day allocation.

Broome Broome Car Hire

Scooter Hire

Scooters are great, however, not as practical as a car in most situations, ie; air conditioning, storage, passengers. Consider your options before hiring a scooter as they are great fun but do have their limitations.

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